Muddy Roads

I was hoping to get out to take a picture of the camper in the midst of the snow today, but the gravel roads leading to our lane is so muddy, I didn’t even dare take the AWD Mountaineer out there.  I was talking to a friend today @debworks who suggested I might mention winterizing the camper since the snow makes it an appropriate topic.


I mus admit that we tried to winterize it two years ago, and when we filled it with water, it sprung a leak – all over the place.  Obviously, we did not get all the water out, and runied the water lines, and the water heater  We got that fixed at Kurt’s Custom Auto here in Belmond, leaving off the heater as we never used it.  Now I wish we had kept it!

So last fall, we had Kurt do the winterizing for us, and it is holding water just fine.  We are grateful for that.  Thanks, Kurt, for a job well done.  Now if we can just get back out there to enjoy the camper!!!


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