A sad, but fortunate story

My wife Janeen was travelling home from Mason City yesterday when she saw the most unusual thing. There was an RV travelling down !-35 southbound with a car in tow – and the car was on fire!  Janeen was on the overpass from the Avenue of the Saints, and soon she had come around the bend and was following the RV.  Smoke was everywhere.

At the next exit, the RV pulled off, and four people jumped out – father , Mother and 2 children (not sure of their ages).  The car was burning and he was looking for a fire extinguisher while family frantically starting throwing things out of the trunk of the car  My wife quickly called 911, and officers were there in just a few minutes.  But then the RV caught on fire.  My wife did not stay – her compassion overwhelmed her and tears filled her eyes.  She thought of their loss, and how fortunate they were that they escaped.


I drove by the scene about 45 minutes later,  The rising smoke could be seen from 15 miles away – black and thick.  as I approached the exit, I saw that it was blocked off.  Fire trucks were pouring water on an RV engulfed in thick black smoke.  I saw the car, which did not look totally burned, but probably was.  as I pulled past the overpass for the exit, he reality of the situation hit me.  I looked back and saw only twisted metal – what was left of the motor home.  The same compassion overwhelmed me, and tears started flowing.  I said a prayer for the family.  

My wife said it looked like a new RV, and new car.  This family was probably happy and excited about a road trip in their new vacation home.  Now, I am sure they are very thankful to be alive.  Please say a prayer for them.  So sad, yet they are so fortunate no one was hurt.


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