Happy Mothers Day

I fondly remember spending many hours in the kitchen with Mom on Pierce Street.  I always loved to cook, and Mom was a great teacher.  We would cook supper together, bake together, do dishes together.  Now, I do a lot of the cooking at home, enjoy doing dishes, and keeping the kitchen tidy.  Thanks Mom, for showing me how to be a good husband to my wonderful wife – a great mother in her own right.


I struggled in many areas of my life toward the end of high school and into my early twenties.  Got a bit wild too.  But Mo always showed care and concern for me, never gave me a hard time about my crazy lifestyle, and encouraged me to do better.  She even got me a job at Norton company when I was one of those long-haired hippie types.  A job that helped me grow up, and make a lot of friends.  A job I kept until I kep until I moved to Iowa to marry the mother of my children..

My Mom has always been my biggest cheerleader.  She encourages me, helps me see things differently, shows her care for me, and loves me every day.  When I moved to Iowa, she questioned me, but knew my heart was set, so wished me well.  She has visited numerous times  We chat almost weekly, and share emails frequently.

Mom – you’re the best, and I love you!


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