Honeysuckle Trees

If you are not familiar with these trees, they are low growing with very spiny branches that can be small and delicate.  The problem is that they also have thorns.  Oh, not like rose thorns  but more like a dogwood tree.  Very long and slender, or short and stubby, these thorns are very sharp, making these trees dangerous.

I used to try and move them aside when walking through the woods, but quickly found that they could scratch my hand, and legs (if I’m wearing shorts).  I also had one of the thorns go right through the bottom of some soft soled crocks I wear quite often.  OUCH!

In and around the campsite, there are many of these old trees that have fallen down and dried out through the years – great firewood.  But how to handle them without getting pricked all the time?  I found the answer – a nice pair of heavy duty leather gloves from True Value.  The thorns do not penetrate the gloves, and I can handle the branches easily.

Just a little tip if you are faced with these trees – hope this helps!



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