Several million of them is my guess as to how many have fallen since last night at this time.  We had storms overnight, and off and on rain all day today.  There is still no one at the camp ground, at least not at 3:45 today.  Will we have campers this weekend since the forecast is for rain most of the time?  Probably not, or only a handful at best.

So how do we stay dry.  Why, stay indoors of course.  The antenna system we bought is not all that good (JACK is what the name was).  It was supposed to pick up all kinds f channels, but only helped us with 10.  I suppose being out in the boonies doesn’t help any. So i read and play a few  computer games and get to bed early – all fine with me.

It will be a busy weekend, and we won’t be at the camper much.  I think Janeen will be out there much of the day tomorrow, but I have a lot to do, especially in Fort Dodge.  Camping will continue though!


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