Tornado Watch

Yesterday, we were under a tornado watch from 9 am to 9 pm.  We took the grand kids to church as always, and after we dropped them off around 2, we headed back to the campground.  Some thunderstorms came rumbling up Interstate 35, and dumped pretty heavy rain, along with strong winds.  We were eager tog et back to the campground and see if everything was OK.

As we drove, we discussed what we would do if a tornado was coming our direction.  The shelter is about 600 yards from our trailer, so if we had enough time we could run there.  I told my wife I would probably tuck underneath some large, low growing evergreen trees and wait it out if we had much less warning.  By the time we got back to the campsite, the other campers had left, and the sun was out.

Through the rest of the afternoon, the bright sun was wonderful.  A steady breeze from thr south was evident, and by looking at radar, we knew that more storms would be coming later in the afternoon or evening.  We started up a camp fire around 5:30, got supper cooked, and watched as the clouds darkened.  Rumbles of thunder were heard at a distance, and the radar looked storm filled – even some pink indicating hail.  But no tornadoes.

The storms rumbled through around 7-9, and then it turned into a steady rain which persisted well into the early morning.  By the time I awoke at 4:30, it was partly cloudy and drying out  I had a nice walk, although it was still quite windy.  We are glad here were no tornadoes near us, and welcome the sunshine back.


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