Fixing the Cooking Grate


For years, we have used an inexpensive cooking grate we bought at Walmart to cook over the fire pits at the camp ground.  When we first started camping,we used a tripod, but did not like the way it would swing around, and be unstable.  So we found the cooking grate that had fold-able legs, and it fit great over the small fire pits.


At our host site here at Eldred Sherwood park, they have a huge, tractor tire rim size fire pit!  So our smaller grate did not fit over it – in fact, it fit inside it.  The problem was that it would not stay put, but would sway back and forth on the legs, making it uneven, and also causing it to be difficulty to get would over the edge of the rim and under the grate.  What to do?


Yesterday, I was at Menard’s and saw some 3′ metal fence posts.   I thought to myself :This might just work”.  So I bought two and brought them back.  I put them on top of the rim, spaced just right to fit under the grate, inside the legs.  PERFECT!  It allows extra room to get wood under the grate, and the grate is stable.  Problem solved!



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