Take me out to the Ballgame

Des Moines-20130523-00044

Yesterday we had a sales retreat at Principal Park in Des Moines, home of the Iowa Cubs.   The morning was filled with business, as we reviewed current sales, went over previous goals and what we had accomplished, and then discussed the wonderful benefits our web site offers to our readers.  It was a good session, and I think we all came out of it ready to face a new day.

Then the ball game started.  During our retreat, the public relations guy from the Iowa Cubs came in and spoke with us, as he has a long standing relationship with our publications.  Then he asked if anyone would like to through  out a first pitch, and Jen Reed, one of our salespeople was all over that.  Just before the game, she walked out to the mound in her heels, and threw a slightly short pitch – at least it as toward home plate!

Then I watched the game while I worked on some of my future goals.  The Iowa Cubs were ahead 4-1 when I left at the bottom of the 6th inning.  Everyone else left long before I did.  It was a fun day, and a long drive home to the camper.


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