Incessant Rain

It amazes me that rain can continue for such a long period of time.  This weekend, from Friday afternoon on, has been almost non-stop.  Sometimes drizzle, sometimes heavy downpours.  Fields are flooded, Rivers are way over bank full, and we are hoping it will stop soon.  Trouble is, the forecast says this will continue until Saturday  I know one person told me their rain guage read 4.1 inches just from Saturday PM .ImageImageImageThis farm field usually has some water, but this is more like a lake this spring.  A lot of farmers will have to replant corn, and it is almost too late to do that – they may have to switch to beans.  I imagine the market on corn will skyrocket tomorrow morning.  You can see that the water is right up to the edge oif the bridge.over a major highway.

Last year we were praying for rain, over and over again, months on end.  It appears God heard our prayers  Clear Lake was 31.74″ below “the weir” (that is what they call the measuring device) in December of 2012.  Now it is over the weir.  Our litle lake out here at the campground is as full as I have ever seen it.  And still we had  30 out of 40 lots full this weekend – a testament to our Iowa campers!


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