We cook everything we can at the campground over an open fire.  My wife is a much better cook outside than I am, so usually she watches the food, and I watch her.  We have found a lot of dead trees in the woods surrounding our campsite, so have plenty of fuel for our fire.  The dead honeysuckle trees make pretty good firewood.

We had chicken Sunday evening, and when I asked her how she knew it was done, she just said “I just know”.  Didn’t really have a way to tell, but it wads done to perfection, and not burned at all.  When cooking with wood, it takes constant stoking of the fire to keep it hot enough.  But she manages t cook without burning anything – always amazes me.

Today, rain is back in the air, so we will have to improvise on the cooking somehow.  Hamburgers inside, or brat patties, are always good!


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