Twin Tornadoes

Last night, two tornadoes crossed Hwy 69 right where Cattleman’s Steak and Provisions was.  A wonderful supper club had to yield to the raging winds, and the damage was bad.  Abilene Machine, a business across the street, is a heap of metal.  The house that sat near Cattleman’s is gone.   Please say a [prayer for Deb and Dewayne Abel, and all those that depended on cattleman’s for income (us included).

We are safe.  Our house is about 1 mile south of Cattleman’s, and strong winds rolled by, but the tornadoes cut a close path to County road C13.  Why 69 is still closed this morning, – we are hopeful it will open this afternoon.  Once it does, I will post some pictures to this blog.  It;s a sad day in our household.  many friends affected by this.


1 thought on “Twin Tornadoes”

  1. We read a quote from Dwayne in the worcester paper. No pictures here but Belmond made the news!! Hope the rebuilding starts soon…


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