Cleaning up

It was a tough evening yesterday as we went in and helped clean up the damage at Cattleman’s. The dining room was full of chairs and tables and ceiling tiles and insulation, all like it was thrown in a blender. we cleaned it all outImage.Who knows how these things work.  The Lounge and kitchen were pretty much untouched. Glasses were still hanging above the lounge, the croutons were still sitting on the salad bar, the kitchen had nothing moved around.ImageImageThere used to be a house that sat just south and east of the Cattleman’s parking lot.  This is all that’s left.ImageAcross the street, Abilene Machine had just a dent in the side of the building.  But Howard Enterprisers’s warehouse was just a pile of rubble, and parts were strewn all the way out of town.ImageCrews from Alliant Energy were on the scene for more than 24 hours trying to reconnect the dozens of power lines that were down, plus fix a gas leak that was somewhere around the Howard facility.ImageThe EF3 tornado, with winds up to 155 mph was on the ground for 5 miles.  But it left the worst damage right at this corner of the small town of Belmond.  Dozens turned up Thursday night to help with clean up at Cattleman’s.  Please keep Deb & Dwayne in your prayers as they move forwardImage.ImageImage


3 thoughts on “Cleaning up”

  1. Thanks for these pictures. The golf crew always went out there every Sat night. Will be different. Hopefully it will be back in business bfore toooooooo long! Julie Kalkwarf


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