The Real Deal

We all know people who we say are the “real deal”.  This would describe Deb and Dewayne Able, owners of Cattleman’s in Belmond.  You have seen in my  blog how their restaurant was destroyed in the tornado.  I just read in the Reminder, a local shopper, that in the midst of their tragedy, they donated all the food that was needing a home to the school lunch program here in town.  To me, this is about as unselfish an act as you can find.  It’s the midst of tragedy, to be a blessing like that to others.

And now the local community is putting together a benefit to help give the employees some money while the owners get their thoughts together on rebuilding or not.  This is one of the many reasons we love living in this community.  People band together to help each other in so many ways.  Here is the information for anyone who can attend, or anyone who would like to donate.

Everyone is invited to the cookout to be held on
July 3rd from 5:30 to 7:30pm at the Belmond Fire Station.
Steak sandwiches (till gone), maidrites, salad, fruit, bars, and a beverage
Ice Cream treats donated by Nestle
**If you are unable to attend donations can be made at
First State Bank and Northwest Federal in Belmond.
Questions please contact LuAnn Pals at 515-571-0093 or Dianna Suntken 515-408-4646


This community is the “Real Deal”


1 thought on “The Real Deal”

  1. Taylor was truly Blessed to have been able to work for Deb and Dewayne and the rest of the employees there that were family to him. God Bless them all!!


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