More to come

Camping is still going on.  We have 4 campers out there in the middle of the week – that’s the most outside of a holiday week all year.  This cool, dry weather is bringing folks out for that last enjoyment of the year.  Soon, we will be pulling the camper back home.  We will use up all the firewood we have gathered.  We will bid a fond farewell to our summer home.  We may even shed a tear – it has been a wonderful summer.

So this blog will take a few turns and twists after that.  I may end up renaming it – not sure what yet, but it will deal more with life and still some with camping, even in the winter.  I have a lot of ideas, but need to learn to take time to write them down.  Habits are formed with 21 consecutive days of doing something.  I would like to make this more of a habit.  I love to write, and just need to sit down and do it more often.  I hope you’ll stick around to see the results!


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