We’ll leave the light on for you

It has been very evident this summer that men tend to leave the bathroom light on much more than women do.  I have been pondering why that would be true.  The chauvinist side of me says that it should be the opposite, because men pay the electric bill, and therefor would typically be more apt to make sure the lights are off.  Obviously, that is the wrong approach.  Are men more forgetful?  Do they just not care, since it is someone else’s bill, and they figure they have paid for it with their site rental?  Or are they not concerned with conserving energy?

Whatever the case, I hope all who read this short little note will take the quick second to turn the lights off behind you.  I am not a believer in global warming or anything like that, but I do believe we have a responsibility to conserve wherever possible.  Leaving a light on all night (actually at the campground it is 6 lights that are left on), may not see like a lot, but multiply that by so many nights and it adds up.  I hope everyone will do their part – flip the switch!


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