One last week

Sadly, this is the last week of camping for 2013.  I hope it’s a nice week and we have lots of company out here all week.  Come on out and enjoy what is supposed to be a beautiful week.

It has been a wonderful experience being at the campground all summer, enjoying the outdoors cooking, taking care of the grounds, meeting a lot of wonderful people, and getting closer to my amazing wife.  We will be sad when we pull the camper into town Sunday.

In the meantime, I will slowly work on getting everything brought into the house during the week this week, and especially over the weekend.  Janeen will be going to North Liberty with Debbie and her kids this weekend, so that leaves me to get things cleared put, which is fine.  It should only take one or two trips to clear it out, and make it ready to bring into town.  When we bring the camper in, we will take it right up to Kurt’s repair to have it winterized before we park it for the winter.  Kurt does an excellent job, and guarantees his work, so if you need a place to get your trailer winterized, give him a call!


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