A little background

For years, I have led worship in my home church.  It has been a joy to bring praise to God.  But about 2 years ago, things started to change, as the good Lord started to whisper words and bring melodies into my spirit.  Now, two years later, I have over 250 songs and choruses, some just in word form, others developed in tune and chords.   A year and a half ago, I started learning to play piano, having never played before, and no ability to read music – I always learned by ear.  But no one else could hear what was being poured into me, so I had to.  This blog will share some of the inspirations for the songs I sing, and maybe eventually some words as I get things copyrighted. 

The snoring part has to do with the fact that, yes I snore, but I am often awaken in the middle of the night by music in my spirit.  So this will be a journal of those events as well.

And the sweet things – well, that could be anything.  A friendly word spoken, a song I fell in love with, or just some real good food.  Be surprised!

For now, enjoy the journey.



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