I was awaken in the middle of the night, snoring interrupted, by a melody.  It was one that I heard yesterday, and some of the words had started to flow.  So I just had to get up and work on a song at 2:45 this morning.

“I wish I could show you what Jesus means to me.  He;s more than a man who fulfilled some prophecy.  he’s more than a healer who healed all my disease. I wish you could see what Jesus means to me.”.  

That is the start of the song.  It’s a simple one  not a complicated melody or chorus.  And while I was at it, I worked on another chorus that I had written down earlier.  So a very productive morning already.  I have to head to Des Moines for a meeting today in about an hour and a half, so may try to get another 45 minutes sleep now that the songs are done, the blog is done, my weekly update is done, and I am yawning.  have a great day!


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