Healed again!

After laying on the couch a good portion of the last 4 days, I can honestly say I am so glad the good Lord still heals me.  Oh, I know I took antibiotics, and I know I rested and drank plenty of liquids, I did very little around the house but rest, and I took Tylenol to keep my fever down.  But I attribute the healing to God, not to all those other things.  he knows my body, and knows what it takes to bring me down for a rest, and when to lift me up.

Now I am not saying it was God who gave me the flu, but I do believe nothing gets to me unless He allows it to happen.  Nothing can come into my life unless He lets it past His guard first.  So for some reason, He chose this past weekend as a time for me to rest.  And He knows the only way I will do that is if I have to.  So He allows these things into my life.  And I did need the rest.  I feel terrific today.

So even when I go through the flu, or any other trial or test, I remember that He is in control, and that all things work together for my good, and that He has a plan for my life – plans to prosper me.  Why would I even think of gripping and complaining about a small thing like the flu when I can just sit back and enjoy a little time off, knowing He has it all under control.


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