2 days before

Just imagine you are 9 months pregnant.  The birth pains are close, and you are very uncomfortable.  You know the baby could come at any time.  I remember from my three children how uncomfortable my wife was at every bump the car would hit in the road.  It was not a fun time.  But the anticipation of a child was a wonderful feeling, and we could hardly wait for that special day

Let;s go back almost 2,000 years, when Mary was in that situation.  Forget the bumps the car would hit, she had to ride a donkey across rough terrain for many miles to get to their destination of Bethlehem.  It was not a journey they had anticipated when they learned she was pregnant, but one they ahd to make by law.  So uncomfortable, so bumpy, so painful.   Sometimes I forget to think about what Mary went through in giving birth to Jesus on that first Christmas.   It had t be hard, but I’m sure she would tell you it would be worth it.

What kind of struggle have you gone through so that the Son of God could be born in  you  If you have not struggled with your own sin, and laid it at His feet, then you don’t really know Him.  we are not asked to identify with the baby Jesus, bu with the crucified Jesus – dying to self so that we can live for Him.  he did not come to live, although he taught us much while He was here.  He actually came to die, that through Him we might find redemption and pace with God.  have you accepted that fact – that He died to take your place?


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