Fort Dodge “AH” Masters

Listen to yourself once in a while>  I mean really listen.  We have trouble enough listening to what others say, but do we take time to listen to what we say?  I challenge you to listen and see how many ahs and ums you say when talking to other people.  Or do you talk in one compete sentence, using and – so – but to connect sentences together?  Do you really say what you want to say, or does your mouth just blurt out the first words that come to it?

All of these things are very typical in everyday talk.  But they can be unlearned!  They can be improved upon.  You can be taught to say the right things, at the right time, in the right way.  And the best organization in the world to teach that is Toastmasters.  Ad one of the best Toastmaster environments in the world is right in Fort Dodge, Iowa – the “Ah Masters”.

You may ask what is so different about this club that makes it special.  Two people – just two people, who have a passion for Toastmasters and what it can do for anyone who can put forth just a little effort.  Jacque Johanson is a hugger, and a very loveable person.  She is also a past District Governor for Toastmasters, and hs been to meetings with the top International people, knows many of them on a first name basis.  She knows the rules, and the procedures, and she sticks with them.  She’s a leader extraordinaire!

But she pales in comparison (and I know she won’t mind me saying that) to her Mom, Joan Johanson.  Joan is not only a past District Governor, but is a Past International Director of Toastmasters.  She has deveioed training methods for the entire organization, and has led at every level.  And she has a passion for the organization that is unsurpassed.  I know – I was a part of Toastmasters for over 20 years.  She does it right!

I foyu really want to get your point across in an effective, efficient manner, you should check out the Fort Dodge “Ah” Masters.  You will never regret it!


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