The Jack – Clear Lake

This morning, the wind is blowing around 30 MPH, and the temperature is 5 degrees.  That all translates to very cold!  It’s a day that you just want to crawl under a blanket and stay there (at least I do). It’s just been one if those winters that keeps coming at us with wind and cold.  But I have learned how to dress.  Three or 4 layers usually does the trick – warm up the car good, hat and gloves.  Nice and toasty.

This weekend, some people are doing what I would call a little bit crazy.  The Jack is a vintage snowmobile gathering – people come from all across the Midwest with their older snowmobiles to race on Clear Lake for 2 days.  Now the ice is plenty thick – they won’t have any problem with thin ice or open water (except near the aerator).  And they know how to dress – those thick snowmobile suites are pretty warm inside I hear.  But I would not be out there – it’s just too cold!

The cool thing (no pun intended) is all the vintage snowmobiles.  Dating back to the 40’s and 50’s they come out of hiding for this event, named after Jack Helgren – a snowmobiler who passed away and left a legacy.  His son John coordinates the event every year, and there are dozens of these old sleds.  It’s something to see how they have advanced through the ages,  Kinda like a car show on ice!

I will, however, head over to see the snowmobiles watch a race or two, and may hang out at the VFW for a brew or two afterwards.  This is one of their busiest weekends of the year.  It’s a great event that way to few people see.  A true Hidden Treasure event.


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