LYric Theater – Belmond

I love movies.  I marvel at the imagination of those who can write scripts, put together scenery,  enhance special affects and especially act a part that is not like themselves.  We can all look back at movies that have touched us in ways we remember 2-, 30 and even 40 years later.  I remember watching “‘Star Wars 6 or 7 times when it first came out, of being moved as a teenager by “Dr Zhivago” (which got a which got a standing ovation from theater goers when I went).  I remember the first time I saw “It;s a Wonderful Life”, which will move any living person to tears.  And the there was “Animal House” and “BLazing Saddles” which had you laughing so hard you couldn’t stop.  I really love movies.

So when the theater in Belmond closed many years ago due to lack of support from movie goers, the community did something about it.  They pooled resources, volunteered, cleaned up the old movie house and re-opened.  It wasn’t easy, but the result is a movie thwater where for 10 dollars you can get in, get popcorn and a drink, and enjoy the show.  The volunteers get free passes to movies as a thank you for working.  We may nit get first run movies, but it is shortly after they first hit theaters that we get them, and I can always wait (except for “The Passion” – had to see that right away – cost me more than twice as much).  Quie, small crowds are nice at Lyric Theater/

Belmond wasn’t the first to have this type of set-up for their theater, and many more communities have done the same thing, using Belmond as a model.  And movie goers all across Northern Iowa have been able to keep enjoying a night out at the movies thanks to the wonderful volunteers hat work at small theaters like Lyric Theater.  It is truly a hidden treasure for all of us movie enthusiasts


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