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I am scheduled to give the message at my church on February 9th.  I do enjoy sharing the gospel.  There is something special about taking time out to share what God lays on your heart, especially when your talking to people who you love – and our church is full of people that fit that description.  Through the years, they have been nothing less than encouraging and supporting, no matter what the situation in my life is.  That’s what church should be!

So when it comes time to prepare a message, I find myself seeking direction from the Holy Spirit.  So many good things that can be brought before them – so many ways God wants to speak. There are a couple messages He has laid on my heart to preach at some time, but I am not sure this is the right time.  Then there are themes that I have studied in the past that can be brought before my friends and fellow worshippers to encourage them.

But I am beginning to sense that perhaps all the thoughts and ideas that have roamed through my mind in the past pale in comparison to one simple truth.  A truth that bears sharing every time the message is brought forth.  The only truth that can truly change a persons life.  I am quite sure that everyone in our church has had a personal experience with Jesus Christ, and has been born into the kingdom of God –  but one truly never knows this, except that peerson.  So the Message needs to be brought forth – often and with passion.

I pray I can deliver it with passion!


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