Just can’t wait!

Just can't wait!

It’s not quite camping season yet, as is witnessed by this picture of my camper taken Friday. In fact, the forecast says that we won’t see the snow gone until early April. But April 15 is the start of the camping season, and we are raring to go.

Once again, Janeen and I will host at the Eldred-Sherwood County campground just east of Goodell, Iowa. Our spot is reserved for 6 months, and we have a nice load of firewood in the garage, aged to perfection. This year the campground will also be selling firewood, so we will have some there if we need some. last year, we were able to harvest a lot of dead old trees from the woods around us, and never needed to buy wood. It was great!

We hope that many of our friends will come out and see us this summer, and that the fishing will be much better than last year, when fishermen stayed away. The fish kill from 2012-2013 winter really hurt/. rd They did stock the lake again last fall, and hopefully the fish had a chance to grow up this winter. Only time will tell.

We have April 15th marked on our calendar, and are starting a list of items we will need tio purchase to stock that camper. get ready – Camping season is coming!


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