There are times when you just have to sit back and enjoy the irony of life.  I’m sure everyone reading this blog knows by now that things will not always go the way you want them to.  Some unforeseen circumstance will come up that will change to course of your day, weekend, or our whole life.  It sees you were just rolling along and were blindsided by something or someone, not knowing where it came from.  How do you react when this happens?

There are three ways you can go in my opinion.  One is to stew and fret and worry that the situation is irreversible, and you are now going to have to live with some type of perceived loss the rest of the day, week, or your life.  Just moan and groan over it until you can’t even remember why you are moaning and groaning anymore.  Your imagination runs wild, you make up false scenarios in your mind, and the truth is left behind.  I can get this way – it;s no fun.

The second is to lash out at the one who inflicted this change of course on your life.  Just load up both guns and give it to them.  Now many people say this makes them feel better after letting off the steam.  For me personally, when I let someone have a piece of my mind, I miss that piece a few moments after I have let it go.  I wish I had never said it.  It didn’t make me feel better, and it put enmity between me and the other person.  I occasionally fall into this trap, and it is no fun.  

Better to be still.  This is the third choice.  Allow yourself to be quiet, do not stir, do not sit and fret, but just wait it out.  It seems to me when I take this route, that I soon realize that the change that has occurred has not done any major damage to my life, and I will survive.  What seemed like a bad deal turns out to be for the best  In the end, it boils down to one simple fact.  Do I realize that God is in control or not?  If I do, then no situation can arise that can shake me.  If I don;t, the smallest things will stir me to worry.

I choose patience!


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