Spring Rain

When I was young living in New England, the snow would pile up over my head every winter.  We would dig tunnels and make caves in the snow [iles at the end of my driveway and across the street.  Then the snowball fights would come, and we’d be careful not to hit passing cars.  Winter was a fun time, filled with snowball fights, sledding, skating, tobogganing and outdoor wonders.  My last New England memory of winter was the blizzard of ’78 – one of the greatest snowstorms of all time.  Everything was closed for three days.  We loved winter!

As I grew older, the snow didn’t pile up quite so high for me anymore.  My kids would love to go out and play in it, and we would build snowmen and throw snowballs, but it wasn’t as much a neighborhood event as it used to be.  Snow days from school meant one of us had to stay home with the kids – never an easy chore.  I grew to not ilke the snow quite as much, especially since my job took me all over North Central Iowa.

Now I can;t wait until the snow is gone.  Oh, I still like it because it’s beautiful, and it cleanses the earth and provide moisture, but it can go anytime – now is not too son.  Now I look forward to the smell of a spring rain – like today.  The aroma is one that you never forget, and always enjoy.  Clean air – light rain.  A gift from heaven!


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