The trouble with wealth

I was recently told that someone believed that Jesus brought an anti-weath message when He came to this earth.  I am not sure where this person ever got that idea, unless it was from some preacher who misunderstood the heart of God.  I am happy to say that Jesus never spoke against having wealth – unless it became more important to us than God Himself.

You see, the first three commandments are still the most important.  You shall love God, not put anything before Him (or above Him), and not make any idol to worship besides Him.  Unfortunately, many have put their money before and above God, and this is what Jesus preached against.  Ananias and Sapphira did not die because they did not give all there proceeds to the church, they died because they lied about giving all to the church – lied to God.

Take for example the parable of the talents.  A man gives 10 talents to one, 5 to another and 1 to another, and asks them to take care of the money while he is gone.  When the man returns, the one who had 10 was wise enough to make it into 20, the one who had 5 had also double his money. These two were commended.  But the one who had only one talent took and hid it in the groun, making no extra.  he was chastised by the man, and his one talent was given to the man who had 10.  Certainly this is not a story condemnng the wealthy, but a story that shows God is not pleased with those who do not make more of hat they have been given.

Or the rich young ruler, who came to Jesus with much wealth.  he had obeyed all the commandments from his youth, and wanted to know what he mst do to inherit eternal life.  jesus told him to give all that he had to the poor and follow Him.  But the scripture very specifically says that Jesus said this because he knew the man;s heart – that his wealth was more important to him than his relationship to God,.  And the man walked away sad.  he put his wealth ahead of God.

God wants us to prosper and have great success (Joshua 1:8, or 3 John 2).  he has given each of us the ability to do this, yet so many of us squander that ability.  Are you making the most of your life?  I did for some years, and for spurts of time, but have not always used all of my abilities to the fullest.  Lord, help me to do better with the talentst you have given me!


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