Is “Noah” a Driver?

this is one of those words that has multiple meanings.  First, there are drivers used on the golf course.  I hate them.  Every time I try to use my driver, the ball goes slicing off to the right to lands unknown.  Oh, I get good distance, but I just can’t hit it straight:  Except of course when I play for the slice – then it goes straight.  So just use my 3 wood  – I hit that just as far most of the time.

Second are people who drive cars. I am one of those, and I always prefer to be the driver when I am in the car.  There are good drivers and bad drivers, fast and slow, dangerous and gentle, rage-ridden and calm.  I tend to be more on the calm, even keeled side of drivers in this category.  A few over he limit, always driving defensively.

Third are drivers on the computer.  Most of the time,the drivers come loaded for a majority of devices you can buy.  This is a great feature.  There is nothing worse than buying a device and finding out you do not have the driver.  Of course, you can download most drivers for free if you need them.  It’s just a pain to do so.

And lastly, there are things that drive people.  They come in all forms.  I am hopeful that the movie “Noah” is a driver.  I am hopeful that people who go to see that movie will come away wanting to know more about the story and open up their Bibles – only to discover how wrong the movie was.  If This happens, then I am glad the movie was made as badly as it was.  I am glad it made people think about Biblical truth.  And I’m glad I went to see it – it reinforced my belief that Hollywood could care less if they get it right or not.  They just want to make a buck!


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