A sure sign of spring

A sure sign of spring

We look to a lot of things to tell us that spring is here. The most obvious is the calendar. While we know that the sun crosses the equator on it’s way northward on the 20th or 21st of March, and that this is how we determine the first day of Spring, the weather does not always cooperate. This year, we still had several feet of snow on the ground on this date- spring was not ere yet.

Some say the sighting of the first robin is a sure sign of spring. Robins come back from their winter hiatus on a schedule that there instinct dictates. They do not check the weather or the calendar. So this year, we saw robins while there was still a considerable amount of snow on the ground, and temperatures were still in the 30’s. Not spring yet.

Then eher are farmers planting. certainly, we can assume spring is here when farmers are putting their precious seed in the ground. They were out in late March this year – some of the brave ones, and they planted while there was still frost in he ground only a foot down. Even at early may, there was still frost three feet down. No, planting is not sign of true spring weather.

I suggest the best sign of spring is a rainbow. A rainbow after a thunderstorm is a sure sign of spring. This is not to be confused with snow dogs, which form around the sun when snow is blowing in the air. A rainbow shows that the sun and rain have hit the perfect angle, and created one of natures most awesome sights.

Welcome Spring!


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