Good Friday

Thursday night was great
As we sat down for a meal
Shared laughter and stories
Enjoyed one another’s company.

Then He broke the bread
As he mildly said
This is my body – take and eat

And he took the cup
And said drink it up
This is my blood shed for you

How can this be?
What does it mean?
A new covenant He brings?

Then we left the room to go and pray
A place where we went day to day
In the darkness of night we walked
And talked of higher purpose
And of love and devotion.

At the garden he prayed
But we could not stay awake
Three times He begged us to pray.

Then soldiers came with torches
They took Him away violently
They pushed us aside like flies
We were stunned, hurt, and confused.

Quickly they judged Him guilty
Quickly they cried Crucify Him
Quickly they beat Him, scarred Him, bruised Him
They made Him carry His cross – such a heavy burden
They nailed Him to it
He cried out, the sky darkened
And then he died.

What now?
What do I do now?
Where do I go?
What can I say?
In 18 short hours my life is all changed.
What good can come from this?


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