He has Risen!

A knock at the door
Who could it be?
This early morning
As we hid in fear

A voice cries out
It’s Mary, frantic
The tomb is open
He is not there!

he met me in the garden
He has risen indeed
Just as he said
he will come to you!

We run quickly to see
Inside, just a towel
Wrapped and neatly folded
No sign of Jesus.

Who rolled the stone away?
Who got past the guards?
What did they do with His body?
How can this be?

We returned to the house
More devastated then before
How can this be>
is He really risen?

Then he appeared
Shining and alive
Scars in His hands and feet
No doubt it was Jesus

We bowed and worshiped
he said I have risen
Just as I said
And now I will be with you always

Hallelujah – He has Risen
Hallelujah – He’s alive
Hallelujah – he is with us
He’ll never leave my side

Hallelujah – I’m forgiven
Hallelujah – I’m set free
Hallelujah – Christ is risen
And sent His Spirit to me


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