I had a friend call me today in total awe.  Here’s the story:

Three days ago, I was sending him a package with some vitamins I had ordered that didn’t work for me, but he took them regularly.  II wanted to throw some extra stuff in the box, so I looked around my office.  I saw a pair of sunglasses that I wasn’t using, so I threw them in.  I had an Aflac  can coozie sitting there (I work for Aflac), so I threw that in.  And I had some small post-it notes that got in there as well.  Just some fun stuff I thought he would get a kick out of.

This morning, he was working out in his barn and sat on his sunglasses.  He was also in the mood for a cold beer, but taking it out there was not a good idea, since it was hot and the beer would get warm in minutes.  So he came in the house to grab a cold one and his wife came downstairs to bring him the mail, and my package.  Imagine his surprise when there was a pair of sunglasses in there and a can coozie!

Personally, I don’t believe in coincidence.  I believe the Holy Spirit directed me to put those things in that box so that they would arrive when he needed them.  I had sat on those pills for a week or two before sending  them.  Any earlier, the extras would not have meant much.  Any later, they would have been too late.  God’s timing is always perfect.

What do you think?


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