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Do I Need to be Committed?

For those of you new to this blog, I used to post my poetry here, but have moved that all over to my Pete Gardner Psalms blog.  I have not posted here for a while, but am going to start using this page for personal reflections and insights.  This is the first one!

Luke 23:46

” And when Jesus had cried with a loud voice, he said, Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit: and having said thus, he gave up the ghost”

I was pondering this verse last night and had the wording just a little different in my my mind.  I thought it said commit, not commend.  So before writing this,I had to look up commend to see if the thoughts I had still fit.

Commend means to entrust someone or something to, and a synonym is commit!  How cool is that!  I have to thank the Holy Spirit who is the one who guides us into all truth (John 16:13).

It is obvious through His ministry years that Jesus had committed Himself to the work of His Father, and was guided by the Holy Spirit. He had to be.  This final act of commending His spirit was a example for us,  Have I commended, or have I committed my life into God’s  hands?  Am I totally absorbed in the ministry he has given to me?

To be honest, I have to say no right now.  I spend too little time in prayer and devotions, too little time reading His word, too little time working on my music and poetry,  and too little time witnessing.  I have used the excuse of my non-working arm to avoid these things that are so essential.  As a result, other things have crept in and taken hold  of me, things that are not pleasing to God.  Things that bring pleasure to my flesh, but hurt my spirit.

So today I pray to commit, or commend, my spirit to God.  I am starting again.  I have confessed my sin, I am repenting, and realigning my priorities.  And this blog will be my sounding board as God helps me to walk the walk I should be walking.  I will welcome your comments and suggestions.

To answer the title question, yes I need to be committed -to Christ and only to Him!  How about you?  Are you allowing things in your life that rob you of time with God?  Are you fully committed to His plan for your life?  If not, why not join me. I’d love to have you come alongside and walk  with me down this path.  And I know Jesus will walk with me every step of the way!   To answer the title question, yes I need to be committed -to Christ and only to Him!



2 thoughts on “Do I Need to be Committed?”

  1. Thanks Pete for sharing your reflections and insights. Since I am riding in the same boat with you, it helps to read perspectives of my brothers and sisters in Christ. Have a blessed day!


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