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Set It High

The TV commercial opens up with a young girl writing on a post-it note.  She then takes the note and sticks it up on the wall.  But not just anywhere on the wall – she jumps up and slaps it as high as she can on the wall.  Then she does it again, and again.  Each time she seems to get that note a little higher on the wall.  I begin to wonder what she is writing on the notes when he scene cuts to a gym.  A girls’ basketball team is seemingly ready for practice and the coach asks “Who’s first?”.  The girls all look at it each other and then our jumping girl steps forward, the shortest of the bunch.  All the other girls say no way, and this short girl jumps up and puts a post-it note on the backboard, surprising everyone.  What does the note say?  “Tomorrow I’ll jump higher”.


This girl had a goal, and she had a plan to achieve it.  No one else thought she would be able to jump up and slap that backboard – she was too short.  I’m guessing the other girls, who were taller, did not have enough confidence to even try, as they stood back when he teacher asked.  But this girl was ready.  She had practiced, had a determination, had a plan, and had a goal.  I imagine every day she did the same routine, slapping that post-it note higher and higher on her wall until she knew she could get it high enough.  She went into that gym with confidence that she could reach that backboard, and she would not be denied.


We could all use that kind of determination, or at least I know I could.  A little background might help.  II have been in business to business sales for over 30 years with 3 different companies.  It seems with each company, I would start off with my motor running hot, opening new accounts and calling on every business imaginable to make the sale.  And I did make the sale.  I opened a lot of accounts, multiplied my boss’s business, expanded the market area of my employer, caused new employees to have to be hired.  I did good.


But after the initial influx of new business, I got a bit stagnant.  The cold calling slowed down and I did not have the zeal I once had.  I just started to coast, happy with my success and the amount of money I was making.  My employers were still pleased with my performance because business kept coming in.  But not at the same rapid pace it had at first.  I was in cruise control, and I didn’t want to speed up the pace.


Sometimes my spiritual life is like this.  I go to a tent meeting, or revival, and I get all pumped up, ready to conquer the world.  Then the fire wears off, and I’m back to my old mundane self.  That fire should always be burning, and I often don’t understand myself.  After all, I serve the King of Kings, the Lord of the universe.  He gave His life for me, and I have trouble giving Him my time?  He gave up all of heaven to come and die in my place, and I’m afraid to tell others about His love?


Paul says “I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus” (Phil 3:14).  Paul never let down.  He never slacked off.  His zeal lasted through stonings, shipwreck, beating, prison, and many more trials.  Yet I seem to balk at the simplest distraction.    This ought not be!  My life should be a living testimony of His love.  Every action I take, every word I speak, everything I write should tell of His love.


I need to set the mark higher.  I need to jump up on that wall, like that girl, and set the bar higher for myself.  Jesus has done it all for me.  I need to give my all for Him!


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