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Answers Guaranteed

I have Multiple Myeloma cancer, and have been going through treatments for the past three months.  Today I am being admitted for my second stem cell transplant, and I am excited to put it behind me.  I will be in the hospital for about 3 weeks, and then it will be recovery time.  We anticipate good results.

The first stem cell transplant was done in June, and went very well.  I was telling everyone God was very merciful to me, and I believed it with all my heart.  I had very few of the usual side effects, and came out feeling pretty strong.  Oh, there were some problems, but all in all I fared very well.  I am thankful for the hundreds of prayer warriors around the country who were pulling for me.  Their prayers were answered!

I am a firm believer in the power of prayer, and that our prayers are always answered.  There is a God in heaven who loves us more than we can imagine, and he watches over us and knows exactly what answer we need and how soon we need it.  His timing is not our timing, His ways are not our ways.  So He may answer a prayer differently than we expect, or much later than we desire, but He always answers.  And His answer will always be what will dous the most good, whether we think so or not.

So today I place my life in His hands, and I pray for a good outcome to this, and every day.  Because whe I pray like that, and answer is guaranteed every time.


12 thoughts on “Answers Guaranteed”

  1. A new chapter with this treatment. Pete, I know the peace and love of our merciful God will hold you and your family tightly in his arms.
    Blessings – many blessings,


      1. He is a loving Father. He is always, always with me though there were times when I was younger I wasn’t always so sure of it, I know He is. Prayers and blessings for those providing your medical care also.
        Find K-Love radio if you haven’t – you’ll love it. I stream at work all day, car and even listen on my phone when I’m doing dishes 😉 We are blessed. I am blessed too to have found your posts they are uplifting, and I need that.

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  2. Daddy God, holy is your name. Your will be done in Pete’s live as it is in heaven. Prosper Pete in his soul and be in health. By the stripes of Jesus, Pete is healed and whole. Thank you for stem cell transplants and your healing touch. Surround Pete with your abundant life, light and your love. Let the medical staff and visitors to his room, notice the peace of God. Thank you for your healing touch, making Pete whole. Amen!

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