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Do I Really Need to Ask?

GPS is a wonderful tool.  And now it is on out smart phones, making asking for directions a  thing of the past.  You just plug in your destination and  it shows you a map, and directions, and it will even talk to you, giving you directions as you drive.  Amazing technology!  There are still times when it is wrong, but for the most part you can depend on it.

I was always a user of maps.  Ever since my childhood, I was the navigator for out family on long trips.  And we took a lot of long trips.  My single Mom loved to take us 3 kids on two week vacations every summer, camping in tents until we graduated to a camper.  We lived in Massachusetts, and traveled to Illinois, Montreal, Nova Scotia, Maine, Florida, Virginia, Washington DC…the list goes on and on.  Those days were memorable.

Every year she would get a triptik from AAA, and it had our route all plodded out, with  maps and campgrounds, and distances,  Everything we needed.  SoI had an easy job. But I still liked to get out the jbig map and explore it.  And there were still times that we had to ask for directions.

As I started to drive on my own, I hated to ask for directions,  I would wander around aimlessly until I either found what I wanted or an alternative before I would stop and ask for directions.  It was a pride thing – I could figure it out on my own, and did;t need anyone else’s help.  Even with my family, I hated to admit I was lost somewhere.  By hook or by crook, I’d find my way out.  That’s what a guy does, right?

But I can’t be that way with God.  When I start to try and work my own way into His grace or mercy, or heaven, I can get off track real fast.  I have to admit that I  am incapable of gaining any of these things on my own – it all depends on Him.  So in order to find His plan for my life, I need to follow His directions.

  Matthew 7:7-8  Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.  For everyone that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him who that knocketh it shall be opened

.Pretty simple directions I would say.  The trick is in the timing.  Let’s relate it to getting directions as we travel in real life in our car.  First, we have to ask someone.  In all my days, I did succumb to asking for directions a few times,  In order to ask properly, you have to know your destination,and then you have to find someone you think will be able t ell you, and then you have to listen carefully to the instructions, maybe even write them down.  This can take some time.

Next, we have to seek out the destination.  This may take quite a long time.  It may even require asking for directions again.  we have to seek until we find that we have arrived at our destination.  This can take quite a it of time.

Lastly, we have to knock at the door.  We have not arrived until we have knocked, and the door is open and we go inside and partake of the fellowship, or accommodations, or event, that we came for.  Finally the quest is over.

It’s a little bit different with God.   We don’t tell Him our plan and ask Him how to get there.  We ask what His plan is, and ask that He help us get there.  And this is in any situation, all the time.  Business decisions, marital decisions, financial decisions, when we are sick, or have strayed from His path, or in the middle of a trail.

When we ask, He promises and answer, and we have to  listen carefully and discern the answer.  It may not come immediately.  It may be days or months before it comes.  It may come from our daily devotions, or from our pastor, or from someone else we know. or from a compete stranger!  We must listen intently to the Holy Spirit, and He will guide us into all truth

Then we must seek.  Seek out His word to help us find our way.  What does God have to say about this business decision, or this healing, or this marital issue, or financial issue.  The Bible has a lot of wisdom that we can draw from, and most of the time God speaks to us, it is through His word.  Seek the wisdom of friends He has told us to go to.  Seek God in times of meditation.  We will find the answer in God’s perfect timing if we take the time to seek.

Last, once we have arrived at the place answer is clear, we need to knock and the door ahead will open.  We will be back on the right path, and the roadblock will be gone.

Many Christians take the attitude of God knows what he has planned for me, so I’ll just stroll along.  This is the wrong attitude, my friend.  He wants to take us to heights we can only dream of, and He has the plan to get us there.  But He is a loving God, and will not force His will on us.  You can choose to be content, but I will choose to enter into His joy and His peace by finding out what He wants me to do next.

And the funny thing is that if you take the acronym of these three steps, it is A.S.K.!.

I do need to A.S.K.


3 thoughts on “Do I Really Need to Ask?”

  1. A few months ago, I moved my kids to Texas, so we could join my husband, and being in a new place, not knowing where anything was, was super hard on me, but as I realized finding my way helped me transition, I enjoyed getting lost, so I could find my way back…purposefully not using my phone, so I’d learn and remember.

    Since the move, I’ve felt lost in many areas, but as I listen to God, I’ve been finding my way back (at least I hope I’m lustening to God).


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