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Half-way or All the Way

Yesterday they started my stem cell transplant, but could only do half of it due to something about my weight and the amount of stem cells they were going to add.  They will finish the rest of it today.  Everything went smooth, for which I thank God.  But it got me thinking.  How many times do I go half way on something and stop for no really good reason?

I have been writing songs for about 5 years now, and God impressed on me to learn to play the piano at 62 years of age.  I know melodies, and my wife helped me learn some chords and how they go together.  I started taking piano lessons, and did well, but the slowed down in my practice and went to just playing the chords.  Why do I not work harder at those lessons and get down the fingering I need to fill up the empty spaces in the wrong and make it more appealing?  Right now I have an excuse in that my right shoulder is out of commission.  But when it’s corrected, I should work more on that.  Hundreds of songs await!

My work is another area where I don’t always give a full effort.  I started out strong, getting some awards and building a good business, but as time went on, some of that zeal wore off, and I didn’t open as many accounts.  I got better at servicing my accounts, but don’t study up on new things well enough to present them to clients. And I don’t use the scripting methods that have proven effective just out of laziness to learn.  I could do so much better if I didn’t give half effort.

I could site so many other things in my life where I don’t give full effort.  It is a sad commentary and one I need to change.  God has given me so many gifts for His purpose, and I don’t use them to their full potential.  I think of the possibilities and they are staggering.   I need to look beyond where I am and see what Christ expects.

When I look at great characters of the bible, I see ordinary men who went all out to do extraordinary things.  Noah built an arc, Abraham would have sacrificed his son, Moses came out of exile, Joshua took the promised land, Samson tore down the pillars, David slew Goliath, Shadrech, Meshac and Abednego faced the fiery furnace.  None of these men had anything I don’t.  They simply trusted God, and gave their all.   And God used that to accomplish His purpose.  He can do the same with me if I will just apply myself. How about you?  Are there areas in your life where you approach them half-heartedly?

Let’s think of what can happen if we start to put full effort in today!  What kind of a world would this be if all the Christians witnessed with all the gusto they had?  What if we all exercised the gifts He has given us to their full potential?  What if we prayed, physically prayed, with each person we know who asks for prayer?  What if we wept with those who wept, and rejoiced with those that rejoice?

It’s time for the church to rise out of slumber and a half-hearted faith and latch onto the promises of God.  We can make a huge difference in this world starting this very day.


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