Philippians 1:11b

“which are by Christ Jesus, unto the glory and praise of God”

It is only through Christ that we can have any form of righteousness at all.  Isaiah said that our righteousness is as filthy rags, and he was right.  We can do all the right things we want, but they only lead to pride, and pride is an abomination to God.  Our righteousness actually becomes a curse to us.

But Christ’s righteousness through us shines brightly.  We realize where it came from, and therefor take no credit for it.  Our pride stays in check, and we walk in humility, knowing that we have no good within ourselves.  The fruits of righteousness are by Christ Jesus – He is the owner and deliverer or that righteousness into our lives.  Never forget that.

And those right things we do are not meant to bring any glory to us.  We have no need of glory – it just brings pride.  All our righteous deeds, which come from Christ, are meant to bring glory and praise to God.  If we are taking the glory for them, then we are acting on our own behave, not as the ambassadors we are supposed to be.  If we take away His glory and keep it for ourselves, we are putting ourselves before God – that’s idolatry.

Make sure that you know where any goodness in you comes from, and make sure that credit for your good deeds goes where it is supposed to go.  You will live much happier and freer if you do!


Lord, thank you for being my righteousness and teaching me how to do good for others.  May you receive all the glory, honor and praise for anything good that comes out of my life.

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