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The Fundamental Thing

I really enjoy watching football, and I hope those of you who don’t like football will stick with this post to the end.  It is an intriguing sport, although quite violent, that can teach us some valuable lessons.  I will just share one lesson today.

I marvel at the announcers on TV as they dissect the plays after the fact.  You have to take into consideration the fact that the coaches draw up these intricate plays and rill them into the offense and defense day to day.  They add plays on a daily and weekly basis, and there are hundreds of them.  The players are expected to know exactly what they are supposed to do , and where they are supposed to be, on every play call.

Add to that the signal call.  The way the quarterback calls the signal signifies which play they will run.  The quarterback has to survey the defense and determine if the play will work.   In some cases, the play is run regardless to see how the defense will react for future reference.  In other cases, the quarterback is allowed to change the play after the huddle, and this adds a layer of complication.

Add to that the fact that one team really has no idea what the other team is going to do on any given play.  They might think they do, but a lot of guess work is involved, and one can only hope they guess right, because if they don’t it can spell disaster.

With all that, the thing that is the most crucial is the simplest thing – The snap.  The time when the center puts the ball in the quarterbacks hands.  It is the most practiced play on any football team, and yet you will see the snap fumbled so often.  If that happens, the play is usually in effective, or the team loses the ball.  It’s rare that it turns out good.  The snap is the fundamental thing in football.

I’m concerned that the church is getting away from the fundamental thing.  We see churches turning into social clubs, allowing things that scripture says should not be.  wze do not hear hell preached, and do hear that grace will cover everything.  We don’t hear of God’s wrath toward the sinner, but hear plenty of His love for the saint.  we have libraries of books on every subject imaginable.

I’m not one against study and learning, nor am I one who thinks that teaching is not important.  It is.  We must make disciples of all men, and you can’t do that without teaching.  There is a needed place for that

Nut in our churches, and on our street corners, are we preaching the fundamental thing – The Gospel.  That Jesus Christ is the Son of God, born to a virgin as sinless, lived a sinless life, went to the cross and gave His life as a sinless sacrifice for our sins according to the requirements of the Old Testament, and that He rose again to make a way for us to enter into His rest.  Fundamental.

Many people believe that Jesus only died because He loved them.  That is in part true.  He died because the Father loved them.  Jesus was the sacrifice necessary to redeem us from our sins.  His death was for redemption, out of love.  When we just look at it as an act of love, we take all the power out of it, in my opinion.  One must come to an understanding of the sacrifice He made to fully comprehend the enormity of His mercy.  And we have strayed far from that.

Let’s return to the Gospel as it really is.  If we would see preachers in our pulpits preaching the hard truth of the Gospel I believe we would see revival hit our land.  The Fundamental thing must take priority.


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