Good Morning, Lord

As I rise from my bed this morning, I give you praise.   You have once again kept me through the night, and given me breath for another day.  I adore you.

I pray for all those who are not feeling well today, whether it be aches in their body, or a cold, or a chronic illness.  I know that you took the stripes upon your back for their healing as mine, so I pray that you will keep each one of them steadfast and unmovable in their faith until you decide to heal them.  Your timing ism always perfect.

I give you praise for all those  that will feel your healing tough today.  I pray they will acknowledge your divine hands at work, and life up your might name, the name of Jesus.

Jesus, I love you.  With all my heart and soul and mind and strength, I love you.  I lift you up today in adoration because you loved me before I even knew you, and you chose to call me as your child.  I am forever grateful for your mercy.


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