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Time to Be Serious

I have a confession to make.  My devotional life stinks!  It amazes me that God still uses me to write songs and poems on a regular basis when my real time with Him has dwindled so low.  His mercy amazes me.  He has even brought me through two stem cell transplants with little side effects, and still my devotional and prayer time is seriously lacking.

Oh, I do spend time worshiping in my heart, and giving Him thanks in my words.  I don’t have a problem with times of praise and thanksgiving.  But I have neglected my time in the word and in prayer, and because of my illness, I have not been able to get to corporate worship in several months.

One of my big problems is pride.  Let’s face it, I have read through the bible front to back, at least a dozen times through the years.  I have been a Sunday School teacher, lay minister and evangelist.  The scripture is not foreign to me, and I can pull up scripture very easily (although I am not good at addresses).  I think all that has made me think I don’t need to be in the word daily, but in my heart I know much better than that.  It is my life blood, and I need it every day.

And my prayer life?  Well, I pray when I know about a situation that needs my prayers.  I pray when God prompts me to pray by His Holy Spirit.  I pray when I come across someone who asks me for prayer.  But I do not have a set prayer time when I pray for my family, my church, my country and all those necessary things that God has put in my heart.  I need to have that kind of prayer time.

So I need to change!  Now I can sit here and say I will that, but words mean very little when it comes to changing a life style.  It’s the actions that count.  It’s what I actually do, not what I say.  So I have to follow through.  And they way I plan to do that is through this blog.  I hope to be disciplined enough to share my daily devotion with you right here every day:  The lesson learned, the passage used, the insights captured.

And I ask for your prayers.  Lifestyle changes are never easy.  We get ourselves into habits, and they stick with us.  So my challenge is to make a habit of going to God daily.  Getting in His word daily for inspiration.  Praying for those God brings across my path.

It’s time to get the passion back!



4 thoughts on “Time to Be Serious”

  1. I look forward to it Pete. I hope you are feeling well as it seems like you have been through much. I think your love for the Lord resonates with all of your writing and songs. I really like that you look deeply into yourself. People often tell me I am too hard on myself but because of pride, God often graces me with seeing myself I think as he sees me. Thanks for your sharing. It is a blessing.

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