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Running and Leaping with God

Psalm 18:16-29

16 He sent from above, he took me, he drew me out of many waters.

17 He delivered me from my strong enemy, and from them which hated me: for they were too strong for me.

18 They prevented me in the day of my calamity: but the Lord was my stay.

19 He brought me forth also into a large place; he delivered me, because he delighted in me.

Do you ever feel like you’re drowning in your problems? Or that you’re in over your head and there’s no way out? It seems like David felt that way here. I love the fact that he said God sent from above. I can see God reaching his hand down and me lifting my hand up and him pulling me out of the deep Waters and into a safe place.

He reminds me of when Peter tried to walk on the water. He was doing fine until his eyes focused on the Storm instead of on Jesus. Then the Bible interestingly says he started to sink. Have you ever seen somebody just start to sink in water? It would seem to me that he would go under water faster than he could start to sink. But Jesus is so fast and coming to our rescue that he can stop us in the middle of sinking and pull us out.

Even when the enemy is too strong for us God will Deliver Us. I have no doubt in my mind the God is going to deliver me from this tenacious cancer that I have. It is a strong enemy and it’s too strong for me to fight by myself. But with God on my side I will be victorious. He will deliver me from my strong enemy.

Then David says he prevented me in the day of my calamity. Sometimes he keeps me from getting into trouble. I love it when God protects me from danger that’s right ahead. I can’t tell you how many times I have been driving down the road and realized that if I had been five or 10 minutes earlier or 5 or 10 minutes later I could have easily been involved in an accident.

The fact that he puts me in a large place says to me but I am not walled in on every side. I have room to grow and to learn. David said he’s delivered because the Lord delighted in him. I hope I can make that statement with the assurance that David did.

20 The Lord rewarded me according to my righteousness; according to the cleanness of my hands hath he recompensed me.

21 For I have kept the ways of the Lord, and have not wickedly departed from my God.

22 For all his judgments were before me, and I did not put away his statutes from me.

23 I was also upright before him, and I kept myself from mine iniquity.

24 Therefore hath the Lord recompensed me according to my righteousness, according to the cleanness of my hands in his eyesight.

David sounds pretty sure of himself here. I need to do some self assessment to see if I can make the same statements about my life. Are my hands clean have I kept the ways of the Lord? If I put away his statutes I have I followed his judgments? Have I kept myself from iniquity? Are my hands clean in his sight?

These verses show us why David was a man after God’s Own Heart. He kept himself here before God. I’m guessing this was written before the incident with Bathsheba and you’re right. David was a man who could make these statements and I need to strive to be that kind of a man. I hate to admit that as of today I can’t. I can only count on the righteousness of Christ to keep me in God’s eye.

25 With the merciful thou wilt shew thyself merciful; with an upright man thou wilt shew thyself upright;

26 With the pure thou wilt shew thyself pure; and with the froward thou wilt shew thyself froward.

David proclaims that God will reward us when we do good to others. If we extend Mercy he’ll be merciful. If we are upright he will be up right to us if we are pure. And if we are difficult to deal with then it will be difficult for us to deal with God. God will show himself pure. As for me I would use the first 3, and hopefully I never fall into the 4th group (I do,  believe me)

Are you have a difficult to deal with? Maybe with family members? Maybe in the workplace? May be in church? This verse should be one that we pay attention to. If we’re having trouble having our prayers answered maybe we need to see if we’ve been difficult to deal with.

27 For thou wilt save the afflicted people; but wilt bring down high looks.

28 For thou wilt light my candle: the Lord my God will enlighten my darkness.

29 For by thee I have run through a troop; and by my God have I leaped over a wall.

David finishes this section triumphantly.  He declares that God will save those who are afflicted and he will bring down those who are proud. He says that God will light his path. And lastly he declares that he has run through his enemy and he’s reached over the walls that have been stacked up against him.

Do you have a wall in your way? Have you been trying to find a way around it? Maybe it’s time you took a good running start and leapt over it with God’s help! He is there to help you through any situation at any time if you would just ask. Yes we need to try to live the kind of life he asks us too, but he doesn’t expect perfection from us all the time. He only asks us to strive for it. So gird up your loins and start running and leaping. The God of all the heavens is on your side


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