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Preview of Psalms 22 and 23

Coming up in our study are two of the most intriguing Psalms in all of the book. In order to do be fair I want to give you a heads-up on how I’m going to handle these two Psalms.

Psalm 22 is one of the greatest prophecies about Jesus death on the cross of any single prophecy in the Bible. It ranks right up there with Isaiah 53 and its accuracy. I was considering breaking it up into more than one day because of the length of the psalm. But as I read it through over and over again and prayed about it I realize that you really can’t break up this psalm. There’s too much continuity from beginning to end.

So I ask you to set aside a little extra time tomorrow when you’re reading this column because I know it will be longer than normal. I want to do this justice and also be able to intrigue you with what God is showing me. I think you’ll find it interesting from beginning to end.

Then the 23rd psalm follows. Most of us learned this way back when we were children and we have been praying it and studying it and some of us have been preaching it and teaching it for years. Many will say “oh I know that psalm so I don’t need to read it today”.  I am going to break into two parts and do it in two days. Personally I like shorter blogs.

I encourage you to stick with it because I plan to challenge even the most sincere Christian.  It certainly has challenged me as I have been praying over this for several days. This blog is meaningless if it doesn’t challenge the reader to a deeper walk with Christ. That is always my goal when I write to you and I hope that you are accepting the challenge.

I will welcome comments at any time and appreciate them.  I love that you will take the time to read what God has laid on my heart. God bless you.


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