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A Side Note

Today I have two big tests to determine if I am actually in remission from the Multiple Myeloma that was diagnosed in March of this year.  I know many of you have been praying for me, and I truly appreciate those prayers so much.

The PET scan will be looking to see if the bone lesions are subsiding, and see if there are any traces of the cancerous blood cells still floating around.  Thee bone marrow biopsy will check the blood in the marrow.  While I won’t know the full results until November 1st, both tests should show that I am in remission after the two stem cell transplants I have had since diagnosis.

My recovery has been slow, especially due to the neuropathy from one of the oral chemo treatments.  It seems to be subsiding a little this morning though, and they have switched me to a different medication.  I also still  have the shoulder problem I have mentioned earlier, and see a neurologist about that tomorrow.

Thorough it all, I have complete faith in my  Lord and Savior and Healer, Jesus Christ, to bring healing to every part of my body.  I believe He is building within me a testimony that will win the lost and give hope to many who are dealing with cancer.  God’s plan is always good, and I know I am in the middle of His plan for my life  To God be the glory!


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