Above All

There are so many songs I could choose from that this made it hard to choose one.  Being a worhsip leader in my church has familiarized me with hundreds of choruses through the years,and many of them touch my heart deeply ever time I sing them.  If you ask me this question again tomorrow, I might post a diiffernet song, but this one came to my mind first today.

I remember the first time I heard this song.  I was driving back from working in Mason City Iowa on Interstate 35   It was a bright sunny day and the fall landscape was bursting with color.  Combines were in the field bringing in the harvest, and all was well in the world.

The song is sung by Michael W. Smith,who has long been one of my favorite Christian artists.  I think he rose to the top of my  list when we saw him live at a Bily Graham cxrusade in the Metrodome in Minneapolis several years earlier.  I have never been back to see him in concert, and would truly love to do that someday.  He’s an incredible performer, and brings the Holy Spirit’s presence into the audtiorium.

This song rises to the top of my favorites by him because of the contrast it shows in who Jesus really was. The power of the words in a song always strikes me.  To me it’s not just the melody, or the instrumentation.  The words have to tell me something.  This song tells me how Jesus is above al thigs on this earth, but He ended up like a rose, trampled on the ground because He thought of me, and cleansing my sin, above allt.  It speaks volumes about the love of Christ for all of us.  It;s also a beautiful tune.  I hipe you enjoyitas much as I do.


In response to the music challenge today Song


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