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What now?

I’m going to pause from our study in Psalms today to  address a more important issue.

We have a new President elect.  In 72 days, Donald Trump will be the President of the United States.  The election was very close, and was considered a huge upset.  But He won by the slimmest of margins.

From when I have read, even Christians were split on their choice in this election. Usually, there is a clear choice for Christians but not this time.  So even those of us who claim Christ as our Savior may be disappointed in the results.  Some are ecstatic.

But what now?  Now that the results are in, and we have a winner.  What is our .  obligation at this point?  Whether we voted or not, how to we handle what has just happened and show our Christianity to those who are not saved and don;t understand what just happened in our country?

If we want to see out country great again, we have only one response that is acceptable to God.  And it is found in II Chronicles 7:14.  We need revival in the land.  Our nation has drifted away from God, and God gave us this promise, found in this verse, as a mans of letting us know how  to turn things around.  It is the only formula He accepts.  So, real briefly, lets see what he asks us to do.

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble them selves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked way, then will I hear from haven and forgive heir sins and heal their land.”

Before we do anything else, we need to humble ourselves.  Ourselves!  This is a huge thing with God.  It is not about the world changing, it is about me changing.  I need to rid myself of my pride, my judgment, my complaining, my bitterness, my feeling of being right. I need to go before God humbly on my knees before I even start to pray.  I know I have been missing this step.  I have been very judgmental of our last President.  That is not humility!  And that has to go before I start praying.

Then, after I have humbled myself, I need to  pray and seek God.  Seek His will, not mine.  Pray for His will, not mine.  Ask for His blessing on our elected officials and our country.  Do  we pray for what God wants, or for what we want?  Humility prays for His will to be done.  If we pray any other way, we miss the pint of this verse.  We must keep in mind that if we believe God is Lord of all, and in control, then He allowed the election to come out this  way.  I personally do not want to be seen as praying against Him.

After we pray and seek His face, he will show us our sinful ways, and we must ask Him to forgive us.  That type of deep prayer that is called for here will  always reveal the depth of our heart.  And when He shows us that, our first response must be to ask forgiveness.  Maybe our heart is bitter over the results or over some other thing that has happened in our country, or over a hurt from a coworker.  Those things must be dealt with when the Holy Spirit reveals them.  This is the last of our responsibilities in this verse.  All of  them are important.

Only after we have done these things  will God forgive our sins and heal our land.  And we desperately need healing in our land after this campaign cycle.  We need God to fill Mr Trump with wisdom. We need pray for all of our elected officials.  I believe God can work a miracle in this nation, but it  starts with us.  Are you ready?


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