Christian, Devotional

To Our Veterans

The Mighty Warrior

He’s a mighty warrior.

Through the decades, he has served his country with honor.

Through jungles and deserts, he defended the defenseless.

He endured heartache and suffering,

Giving his body to the unseen weapons of war.

He’s a mighty warrior.

Through the battles, he served with dignity and strength.

Because of the battles, his physical strength has been brought low,

His bones ache.

His body is nerve racked.

Pain invades with no warning.

Yet he battles on.

He’s a mighty warrior.

Now, instead of serving with a gun and glory

He serves on his knees in anonymity.

Every muscle aches as he kneels

Every joint aches as he bows his head and folds his arms

In prayer.

Prayer for those less fortunate

Prayer for those in desperate need

Prayer for me.

Though the battlefield has changed;

Though the weapons are not seen as deadly or all powerful;

That is a perception not based in reality.

For his words

When bowed in prayer

Are more powerful than any bullet.

In the hallways of the heavens, his words are heard.

Because He is a mighty warrior

And he prays for me!



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