Two Stories of Redemption 

I have fallen in love with the movie “Open Range”  It stars Robert  Duvall and Kevin Costner as two Open range ranchers who come into an area controlled by a man who hates Open range ranchers.  They stop on land that he doesn’t own, and yet he still tells them to leave town.  When they refuse, the tyrant kills one of their hired hands and severely  wounds the other.  The following scene comes right after that happens.

You see, all the people of the town are afraid of this tyrant.  He runs the town, and owns quite a bit of it.  His hired men have killed before in this town, and hey own the sheriff, so they get away  with it.  It’s the old west.

But Duvall  and Costner will not bow down.  They take on the tyrant, outnumbered 12 to 2 they take them on in a great gun battle.  It is well worth the watch, even if you aren’t a fan of westerns (I am not).  The reason I love it is  that it  is a great story of redemption.  The good guys win!  And it is epic the way they do it, and heroic.

I know a similar story and it affected my life.  You see, I was controlled by a tyrant (Satan)  I thought I was free, but I was actually bound by  chains of sin that  just gt tighter and tighter, causing me to do worse and worse.  I became more and more miserable in my life, but saw no way out.  So I just went along for the ride and pretended everything was OK.

Then someone came riding into my life who would  not  let me suffer any longer.  He was determined to set me free from this tyrant, n matter what the cost, just like Duvall and Costner in this movie.  The big  difference is that my hero had to suffer and die, while  Duvall and Costner lived.

You see, only blood can redeem sin.  And only a perfect sacrifice can redeem sin.  Jesus was that perfect sacrifice, having no sin in Him.  He was beaten, spit upon, scourged, whipped, a crown of thorns was placed on His head, made to carry His own cross, nails placed  in His hands and feet and vinegar given to Him  to drink.  His blood washed for my  sin, for your sin, for all  of  mankind’s sin.

And all I have to do is ask Him for forgiveness for my sin and ask Him to be Lord of my life, exchanging the current lordship Satan has over me for His loving rule.  He reigns with mercy, grace and love.  It  is my decision to make.  Hiis redemption is real.  Have you accepted Him today?

Pray with me.  Lord Jesus, I ask you to forgive me of all my sin.  I repent of my sinful ways, and desire to turn to you.  I know that you died on the cross for my sin, and that you rose again to  give me eternal life in heaven.  Please come into my heart right now. I accept you as Lord of my life.  Thank you for saving me.

If you just prayed that prayer for the first time, please leave it in the  comments section.  It’s important that you take a few more steps to get well grounded on this journey and I will share those with you then.  God bless you!

By the way – the movie is a great love story to!


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