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My Christmas Favorites


Yes this is my Christmas tree.  Please excuse the fuzzy picture.  I have a liitle bit of the shakes, and take terrible pictures.  My wife did an excellent job decorating it, didn’t she?  I did not get to help her much due to my Myeloma.  I had chemo Thanksgiving week and was really dragging on Friday when she put it up.  Gosh, she does a better job anyway!  SO delightful,  Underneath are presents for the grand kids mostly.  We have 5, and usually get them 2-3 gifts apiece.  We will take them all up to my daughters Christmas eve where the family is gathering this year.  It will be a wonderful day as long s we are able to stay.  Due to my cancer treatments, I have to be careful how much time I spend around other people.

It’s hard to believe Christmas is only 1 week away.  This year has traveled by so fast.  Every year goes by faster it seems.  I do have a theory on that.  You see, when we are 10, a year is a whopping 10% of our lives – that’s a lot so it takes longer to go by.  But when we’re 65 (I will be the end of January). then a year is about 1.6% of your life – so short we can hardly see the number, so it goes by faster.  Pretty good theory, Huh?

Anyway, Christmas is almost here.  W hat are you most looking forward to?  This year it is on a Sunday.  Is it that Christmas Day church service that has you excited.  I remember as kids our church always had a midnight service on Christmas eve.  And we went every year.  I grew to hate them, but as an adult and a Christian, I search them out now.  I love that midnight service, with the traditional candlelight circle around the church at the end  It brings back fond memories and is a special time.  Not many churches do that in rural Iowa.

Or is it getting together with family that you most anticipate  That is at the top of the list with me.  I have been sick since last December, and getting everyone together really takes on special meaning when you’ve been going through something like this.  We will take a family picture because it s rare we are all in one place at the same time.  I am so excited to see everyone!

Maybe you still thrill at presents.  Nothing wrong with that!  My wife and I rarely exchange gifts anymore.  Of course, I always get her something.  But we never spend a lot on gifts for each other.  It is all for the kids and grand kids.  Seeing their faces light up is all I need to make my day complete.

Maybe it’s the food.  This year we are doing brunch at 10 AM.  My wife is making apple dumplings that are out of this world.  It’s a recipe that uses crescent rolls and Mountain Dew of al things.  They are so good though.  I am not sure what else will be on the menu.  All the kids are contributing (I have three daughters), and we taught them all how to be good cooks, so it promises to be a big tasty brunch.

We will have a white Christmas this year in northern Iowa.  We have about 6″ on the ground, with no more forecast before Christmas day.  We will not get warm enough to melt t before Christmas either (it’s 21 below out right now – oops just checked.  Make it 22 below at 8 Am Sunday he 18th).  I think a white Christmas is perfect though, and only wish I could get outside more.  There are several reasons why I can’t.

Or maybe it’s just that His birth or at least the day we celebrate it, is finally upon us.  Jesus has come – Emmanuel – God with us – Hallelujah.  This day s a day of great happenings for all mankind.  The birth, the shepherds, the star, the wise en (who probably actually came   two years later- no one really knows).  Images that are burnt into our heads.  All eyes are turned on Him, no matter how= hard the world tries to quench that notion.

This is the perfect time to evangelize  To talk about our faith, and why we love Christmas so much – because it is the birthday of our Savior!  What does that mean – our Savior?  Well. He grew up a sinless man, and was nailed to a cross for our sins.  Because of Him, I will be able to stand before God in the final judgement and be declared not guilty.  I have a home in heaven awaiting me.  My favorite part of Christmas s telling people about that!

Whatever your favorite is, I pray you will have a very Merry Christmas!



13 thoughts on “My Christmas Favorites”

  1. My daughter called with how cold it is Oskaloosa. Boy, I don’t miss that cold weather one tee niney bit! Sounds like this will be a very special Christmas, Pete. Your wife did a beautiful job on the tree! May the Lord really bless your entire family this Christmas!

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  2. Pete I had no idea you were fighting cancer. I know exactly what Myeloma is. My wife had a blood cancer, and it seems like it was not long ago. Somehow we got through it but it was a very long period of severe health problems.
    You have a wonderful blog and I thought I was following but I guess I was only seeing your posts over at Morgan’s site.
    Peace to you and your family. I’ll be praying for you.


    1. Thank you for your prayers. Yes, it is a long recovery, and mine has been compounded with a bad case of neuropathy and drop foot in both feet, plus a shoulder that decided to quit working right after the first transplant. We are working with a neurologist on both of these problems,but it is slow going. I know God will give us strength to see this battle through. he is always good!

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  3. It’s great to meet you Peter. This post genuinely bought a tear to my eye.. you enthusiasm in the face of adversity and the love for your family comes across strongly and is inspiring to read.. I love your theory on the reason why time seems to pass more quickly as we grow older… I think it’s a brilliant theory. I look forward to reading more of your posts.. and I wish you a ‘magical 2017’ whatever life brings.. x

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